Sharing my story of Dr. Jeffrey Esslinger

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| March, 10 2020 | for Jeffrey D. Esslinger, MD

When I first met Dr. Esslinger, my husband now ex, went to see him when he was on Shallowford Road in Marietta/Roswell area. We both fell in love with him along with his kindness, professionalism, and caring personality. He then moved down by the Northside Hospital area with a group, in which I loved the area cause it was near my job. So easy to get to the appointments. Once he decided a group was not his thing, he decided to move to Cartersville to open up his own practice. Are you kidding me - Cartersville and I live in Roswell and work down by the hospitals! But he is such a great doctor that I chose to stick with his practice and drive to Cartersville for my appointments. May not make it in time but he's patient with me and understands my blood pressure maybe a little higher due to the traffic. I would choose a different insurance carrier before choosing another doctor. Seriously - he's the best. He has never let me down. I may let him down when i don't do what he tells me to do, but he is the greatest doctor I have ever had. Been going to him now about 30 years. Please don't ever retire.