She truly saved my life!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Elizabeth B. Maeder, DO

In May 2017, when I was 83, I moved from California to Cincinnati to be near family. I was healthy and strong and ready to go in Ohio! Asking Dr. Maeder to became my primary physician was first on my "getting started" list. Through the summer she coordinated a series of medical appointments to form a complete baseline of my health. She found a heart murmur and ordered tests in early fall. It was the first of October 2017 and I will always remember the look on the face of The Christ surgeon when he informed me I needed immediate open heart surgery to replace my aorta valve or I would not survive long. Well, hello, I certainly did not go through all of the hard work to get to Ohio and leave right away. October 12, 2017, was the date I became the proud owner of a bovine valve and am happy to report that now my heart numbers are back in the normal range. I expect to live as long as my mother who was only months away from her 99th birthday when we lost her. I was part of the Kaiser Permanente Health Care system in California and certainly it was good BUT it never reached the level of quality, attention, support and kindness I now have with Dr. Elizabeth Maeder and her network. It's all about wellness and this "mature" lady really appreciates it.