Shingles Yuk

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| March, 2 2020 | for Jennifer Aldrich, MD

My first visit to Dr. Aldrich was during the fall. I thought I had poison oak or ivy as my lower face, neck and ear looked similar, was burning and itching. I had been treating with lotions for same, that was no help. My husband was in the hospital very frequently for Cancer treatments and I did not want him to get this itch.

I called Dr. Aldrich's office and Tonya called me back with an appt. Dr. Aldrich looked at me and said Shingles, she gave me medicine and said for me to feel free to call her on the weekend if I had a problem or got worse. Fortunately I was fine in about a week and I was so appreciative that she was available when I needed her and offered more help if I needed it. This was a good first impression as I had been with my previous Dr. there for 30 years at least total and she had retired a little earlier.