The Silver Lining

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| April, 1 2020 | for Ron Krauss, MD

Thru out my adult life, as i sit waiting to be called into the exam room, I rehearse my conversation with my doctor or nurse. As I got much older I noticed my rehearsal went from an explanation to a pleading of "please listen to me I really feel I have a problem". An example of this was I had started to notice that I was having the feeling like I was not getting a lung full of air. Odd! I thought it was because I was not getting enough cardio exercise. I challenged myself to do more but noticed my sense of lung starvation increased. I had another incident right before I met Dr Krauss where I had my husband call 911 because I felt I was going to faint as I could not catch my breath. The emergency room Doctor diagnosed me with hyperventilation. Maybe due to Menopause, he said. Soon after the emergency room visit I had another episode of what I called lung starvation and instead of going the emergency room route I called the "On call Doctor" at the Lacey Medical Clinic where I had been a patient for approximately fifteen years. The "On Call Doctor" was Dr Krauss. The Silver Lining to my situation. He took me very seriously when I explained I felt lung starved. No matter how much I took a deep breath it did not feel like my lungs were filling up. His believed that indeed this was very real and not emotionally driven. He gave me medications that were temporary. His belief kept me searching for an answer. I soon saw a specialty Doctor at the Washington State University who diagnosed me with a vocal cord dysfunction. Not a common thing humans experience. When I breath in thru my mouth and not my stomach my vocal cords shut thus not allowing any air thru. The harder I try to breath the tighter they become. Thru physical therapy that taught me how I needed to breath to get maximum air in my lungs I have a much better quality of life. I feel in control again. Since then the only Doctor that I do not have to rehearse an explanation is with Dr Krauss. He is the first on the list to strategize health moves. With his support and his belief in my own skill set I solve my medical needs. Thank you Dr. Krauss and your team (Tanna) (Holly too!) Your my Silver Lining.