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| March, 12 2020 | for Todd Halper, MD

I started seeing Dr Todd Halper in Rockville Centre Long Island approximately 15 yrs ago ,
Prior to Dr Halper joining up with MDVIP
The Dr was part of Halper Family Medicine ,
I seen him in that office for several yrs
There were times I had to see someone else
Which would be disappointing
Todd has always been a very caring Dr
always very informative and explains things to his patients , so when u leave His office you will understand what your taking and why ,
It’s comforting if you are prescribed a new medication that prior to taking ur 1st dose
Dr Halper has already explained what to expect , how it works , and possible side effects
That type of communication with your doctor is priceless
Since dr Todd Halper joined MDVIP he’s still as effective as ever , but now that it is his practice he usually spends even more time with his patients
I go to Dr Halper monthly for prescription renewals
He not only asks about your medical conditions
He always asks about my family , how is my life going (HE REALLY CARES )
Which in these times is contrary to the norm
Earlier I referred to Dr Halper ad TODD we are on a first name basis. And I feel like he’s a friend
So if you add it all up. Dr Todd Halper is really SIMPLY THE BEST
He excels In every facet of being a Dr /friend