So grateful to have Dr. Warrington for our doctor.

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Bud and Nancy
| March, 11 2020 | for Alan D. Warrington, DO

We have been Dr. Warrington's patients for some 27 years. We have so much confidence in his knowledge and understanding, not only of medical needs, but knowing us each personally. We actually enjoy going for our doctor's visits. His office staff is amazing too...thanks Kevin and Molly. My husband's father traveled for a visit over 20 years ago. When he arrived we were shocked to see how much his health deteriorated. We needed to get him medical care. Dr. Warrington willingly to him as a patient. For over 11 weeks he oversaw his care, first in the hospital and then at a step-down unit. He brought in quite a variety of specialists to see him, as he had so many issues. He treated him with such compassion and understanding. It is hard to express how much it meant to us. He actually lived for four more years. These years, we feel, were a gift of Dr. Warrington's knowledge, caring attention and great compassion. It is no wonder that we appreciate Dr. Warrington so much. Yes, he is our doctor, but, we consider him our friend.