So Very Grateful

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| May, 1 2020 | for A. Scott Campbell, MS, MD

About 5 years ago my long term doctor retired. I panicked because I never thought I'd find another Doctor that I was totally happy with. Well, Dr. Campbell proved me wrong. If I made a list of all the things I am grateful for there wouldn't be enough room.
But I'll say a few things I found very important. Dr. Campbell is extremely detailed, his knowledge covers a vast arena of medical and mental illnesses. I once came back from an island vacation with a stomach ailment. Dr. Campbell ran so many blood tests, and although there was one issue I had read there wasn't a test for, Dr. Campbell didn't give up until he found a reputable Firm that could do the test.
As I look back, I will tell you with out a doubt, I made the right choice. It wouldn't be right for me to not mention Dr. Campbell's Team. He has an absolutely caring team. They are as friendly as possible, as professional as possible, and as helpful as possible.
So I thank you Dr. Campbell, as well as your team.