Some superheroes wear “white coats”…Dr. Lisa Sardanapoli.

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Sister Maureen
| February, 29 2024 | for Lisa A. Sardanopoli, MD

Dr. Sardanapoli has done so many things for me there are no words to adequately to express my deep felt thanks. She is always sympathetic, encouraging, supportive, compassionate with good advice and always being there. When surgery was necessary Dr. would make sure she had a good surgeon but she would see you through ( until you were discharged by the surgeon ) with ER visits, ,phone call, e-mails, etc. Caring for patients isn’t just what she does….it is WHO SHE IS. Saying thank you will never encompass my sincere gratitude for the care, compassion and all the extra miles she has gone for me. Hopefully, Dr. Sardanapoli you will never underestimate the difference you have made and all the lives you have touched. A truly great Doctor is hard to find - difficult to part with and impossible to forget, Thank you with love, respect, and appreciation. God bless you.