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| March, 18 2021 | for Elisa Ginter, DO

In January of this year, I went to urgent care due to some prolonged swelling in my legs. What I thought would be a quick visit to urgent care to get some medicine turned into a week-long stay in the hospital and multiple life-changing diagnoses. Once I was released, I needed to get into the care of a PCP quickly to create an action plan to get my health in order and refill my new prescriptions. I decided to go with Dr. Elisa Ginter and she's been phenomenal! She helped me fill out paperwork so I could take some time off work and adjust to my new medications. She meticulously documented my progress to find ways we could make this journey easier for me. Within 2 months of being in her care, I was able to stop taking insulin and cut my daily prescriptions by a third.

I am extremely thankful for Dr. Ginter's patience, diligence, and care. She and her staff are always very helpful and if they don't have an answer to my question immediately, they follow up soon! Her office manager Meredith is warm and friendly as well.