Stand By Me

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| February, 7 2024 | for James S. Hahn, MD

My husband was in the hospital having serious cardiac surgery. I am a long retired RN that specialized in a different area so I know some things but am insecure in my judgement in all Medical/ Nursing areas. When my husband ran into complications and usual protocols were not being followed,(e.g.extremely low Hb of 6 before a third surgical intervention and failure to obtain informed consent), I called Dr. Hahn. He was supportive of my standing up for my husband in a situation where it seemed there was a failure in clinical communications, one that had the potential for dire consequences. It wasn't easy, some of the staff were angry. It upset their schedule. But because Dr. Hahn supported my judgement in this situation, I believe the course of treatment was consequently altered and greatly improved for an outcome that was as safe and positive as possible. I will never forget it.
In fact, since this episode, my husband had further care in this hospital and their methods of clinical communications resulted in seamless continuity of care. This was very reassuring.