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| November, 1 2022 | for Thomas G. Serio, MD

It recently dawned on me that, before TWO doctors made critical errors, I donated 2 four hour days a week helping out people I did not know. For years. Good News Outreach Food Pantry and Inmate Rehab. That I had lungs that were, medically speaking, 45 years younger than they are now, according to Dr. Gredler. That before CHP (Capital Health Plan) destroyed records, while I STILL had salvageable lungs at 12 months into this travesty, I had lungs that were approximately 24 years younger than what I have now. Living with the lungs of a "healthy 116 year old" is not living well. I am grateful for having discovered the truth, modern medicine and exercise that my end Stage IV COPD hasn't gotten much worse. I suspect that the consistent physically strenuous nature of my volunteer service helped too. I gave both Drs. Winchester and Gredler and CHP much more than ample opportunity to "come clean" and mediate my condition. They chose to basically tell me to screw off. "Well, sue us" was actually one of the responses a CHP rep stated to me. Finally, after yet another statute of limitations expired, Dr. Winchester's nurse, Delores Roberts CMA, told both me and a friend, Rebecca Leamon, that Winchester had indeed received the order to send me to a pulmonologist, over FOUR years earlier. She had done nothing other than be evasive, previously. That has been NOTARIZED in writing. A simple recognition of record I had been asking for, in writing and orally, from the moment I found out about it. Prior to, all I got was two false statements from CHP indicating that a TWO month regulation/statute of limitations applied; therefore they would not even look into it. It took TWENTY FOUR months before I even discovered malpractice had taken place. It took about another year before I was shocked to discover CHP had intentionally destroyed records to cover up the malpractice of TWO years earlier. Now Winchester's office manager, Pat, has removed me as a patient. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING in my life is close to being as materialistically sound as it was before this happened. I haven't had central air and heat since this happened. Both of which I was capable of repairing. Had done it before on a couple of occasions. In one succinct statement, I went from being the most organized person I knew, to the least. I am chronically fatigued beyond any solutions I know of. My present diagnosis of Severe Depression/Major Depressive Disorder came about before I found out about my injury, but after I was medically neglected. Considering the fact that I didn't have a low socioeconomic or education status, that's a quite normal comorbidity of approaching 80%. Obviously depression can't cause end Stage IV COPD. I need help and have had enormous pains in getting it. I'm 66 now, was just over 60 when the first of a SERIES of mistakes were made. Some that I was only able to discover a bit over a few months ago. Five years came and went on the 27th of July for the two major mistakes that took my breath away. Literally. Almost exactly 1 year later CHP destroyed records attempting to cover up those mistakes. It's been a medical, material and mental nightmare for the last three. To whom it may concern, I, Rebecca Leamon, do hereby testify through written, notarized statement the following: On the morning of 03/24/2022, I accompanied Lynn Schell to Dr. Winchester’s office to reissue a blanket HIPAA “opt-out” statement that they, as well as Dr. Gredler’s office, had recently “lost”. While there we spoke with Winchester’s nurse, Delores Roberts CMA, about an order Dr. Gredler had sent to Winchester, approximately 4 ½ years earlier. That being late July of 2017. The order from Gredler to Winchester’s office was for Winchester to schedule an appointment for Lynn to see a pulmonologist, as soon as possible. Ms. Roberts confirmed, orally, that indeed they had received the order, but had failed completely to act upon it. Ms. Roberts would not allow us to view the monitor nor print out a copy of a confirmation of it. When asked by Mr. Schell, as to why it had taken so many prior countless attempts for such an admission of negligence, since he had been asking for well over two years, Ms. Roberts responded in what I considered a derogatory and demeaning manner. Her response, “Well, you could have seen a pulmonologist on your own”, as well as, “You should have paid more attention to the warning labels on the cigarette packages”. Mr. Schell did not even know “pulmonology” was a medical discipline for another two years after they had failed to send him to a pulmonologist in mid-July of 2017. Not until he finally was sent to see one, almost two years later in mid-2019, when his diagnosis came back with end Stage IV COPD. According to records of Dr. Gredler, that I have seen, Mr. Schell lost 44 years of lung capacity in the following 22 months, after Winchester failed to respond to Gredler’s order. Thank you, Rebecca L