Stressful Times

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| March, 12 2020 | for R. Scott Mills, MD

I had my annual physical with Dr. Scott Mills in October 2018. Bloodwork had already been done and an EKG and history and physical exam were completed. I had related about some shortness of breath that I had had playing golf three months prior. He said that with my family history and those signs that a stress test would be a great idea. As it turned out my stress test showed an abnormality and I was immediately referred to a cardiologist. The next day I had an exam by the cardiologist and a cardiac cath. That test showed blockages for which I am now being treated with medication. If it had not been for Dr. Mills attentiveness to detail and concern I may not be here to tell this story. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Scott Mills and his expertise and his extremely caring staff.