Stubborn Yet Determined

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| July, 18 2023 | for Kit D. Kuss, MD, FAAFP
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I started this program with Dr K. Kuss since he started it a few years ago. I did not know what it pertain at first. I basically went with the motions. On June 17th 2022. I had my results & it did not look good. That is when I said to myself I need to step it up. I was 220lbs, blood pressure high with multiple meds, borderline type 2 diabetic, try tri levels high. My good cholesterol down & bad cholesterol high even on meds. After my visit. I reduced all my bad habits. On September I quit all tobacco. In November I joined a gym. During this process I was going through a lot so I was active. My Doc & his crew came through. His nurses, Alicia and Beth are awesome. Both with different styles but yet the same. As of right now I'm 175-180 lbs waist 28inches. Blood sugars cholesterol & triglycerides normal. I'm hoping to get off the blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I just want to say thank you to Dr. Kuss & his nurses, Beth and Alicia & everybody else associated with MD VIP. Thank You.