Such a thorough physician

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| March, 11 2020 | for Donald W. Barber, MD

Dr. Barber is very thorough in his physical examinations whether during the yearly evaluation or an office visit!! He has amazing critical thinking skills and I do believe saved my husband from a heart attack in the near future. Dr. Barber noted his Calcium score from many years ago, and felt to be proactive to repeat it, which our previous PCP for 20 years had not done. Had it not been for Dr. Barber's insight and proactive approach, measures have been put in place that has made a huge difference in my husband's cardiac status. I also love his low keyed approach to things, but knows when to get aggressive with a situation. I have full trust in him as my physician, and hope he doesn't retire for at least another two years when we will be leaving the area. Thank you Dr. Barber for taking care of our health in a wholistic caring way!!! We appreciate you beyond words....