Superb Dr.Kennedy Sbat

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| March, 22 2023 | for Kennedy J. Sbat, DO, FCCP

Dr.Sbat is a blessing to all his patients(as is his office staff) I have known and been carefully directed by Dr.Sbat for many years.He listens and hears what I say.He thinks about it and responds in the way that is best for my health...he is a wonderful guide through all of my many health issues.He was originally my pulminologist for a long time,when he became MDVIP I realized he was helping me in many areas,not just as a pulminologist(he was the best pulminologist!)but took the time to make other helpful suggestions.(he is by training also an internest)Dr.Sbat is loved by so many folks.He is kind and thoughtful and so easy to trust which are all so important to me(and all patients)Being able to call him anytime and always get a correct,kind,caring response is so wonderful.Dr.Sbat is an example for other doctors.His caring and wisdom about all things medical and all things human is an incredible gift. Mention his name and folks smile and say how lucky I am to have him for my doctor...absolutely true! Feeling safe with your family doctor is part of the healing and all patients ARE safe and well cared for by Dr.Kennedy Sbat(and staff)Thank you Dr.Sbat.