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| March, 10 2024 | for Martin van Cleeff, MD

During 2021, I caught Covid virus. I was sick from March until the following January. I was hospitalized six times total and came very close to dying. I had to wear oxygen for many months. In addition to the virus, I developed shingles in my mouth. Because of the painful blisters, I lost over 30 pounds. Throughout this long ordeal, Doctor van Cleeff and his staff were there for me. If I called I was seen immediately. Doctor van Cleeff texted me weekly to find out how I was feeling. He advised me constantly about choices necessary for my health and well being. Finally, I switched hospitals and was treated for the virus. I had to be on a ventilator for five days. Then came the long road to recovering my former health. Doctor van Cleeff continued to check on me and advise me about my needs. I really felt empowered by his help to make demands regarding my treatment. Also, he was there for me emotionally as this was a difficult time for both me and my husband. His unwavering support, concern, and help will never be forgotten.