Taking care of the little things..

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| March, 11 2020 | for Diana Tyler Rocks, DO, FACOI

Sometimes it's the little things that really make a difference. I recently had knee surgery. The procedure went off without a hitch but within several hours after surgery my partially impacted wisdom tooth began to act up. By Saturday Morning it was pretty bad eclipsing any knee discomfort I was experiencing. I texted Dr Rocks and received an almost immediate call back. After listening to my plight, she called in a prescription and offered to setup an emergency appointment with her personal dentist. An unsolicited Sunday follow up call was made to see how I was doing and if I needed a Monday appointment. There is a great deal of comfort knowing that your doctor will go out of her way even on a weekend to make sure a patient is doing alright. Compassion is a necessary attribute for any successful physician. Not every call is a matter of life and death, and its reassuring to know that Dr Rocks cares enough to go that extra yard even in a non- emergency situation.