Thank God saying exercise is ok

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| October, 6 2022 | for Lara Hitchcock, MD, FAAFP
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Recently, I've run across three people who think exercising for an hour or two a day is too much and means the person has an exercise addiction. I do Pure Barre and I just love it. I go there to see my friends and to get a workout I like. Yesterday, I read that 77% of Generation Z is ineligible for US military service. They gave three main reasons for this. The first was obesity. Some overweight people can get waivers to serve, but it's sad. I remember when Barack Obama was in office, his wife's goal was to reduce childhood obesity, but I know if it worked. These are the young people that would have been kids at that time. So thank you for sending me this. I was beginning to think I weird for exercising almost everyday.