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| March, 29 2020 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Prior to joining her practice with MDVIP, Leslie Murphy was a physician that I had only recently started seeing. I had pretty much decided against signing up for the “concierge” service, thinking it didn’t really matter one way or another. Then I got the call from Dr. Murphy saying my mammogram results had come back and asking how soon I could get to the radiologist for an ultra sound. She had made arrangements for me to be seen; it’s important to note that this was on a Friday morning. On Friday night, after hours, mind you, she called to tell me everything was in fact normal, just dense tissue. She called me because she didn’t want me to have to wait and worry until the weekend was over to get my results. I joined her MDVIP practice. My relationship with Dr. Murphy has only strengthened since that day. She has cared for me and, on occasion, my two daughters with the equal amount of care, and, I might add, dogged determination, that she showed me when I first visited her. She works tirelessly for all of her patients, not one being more important than another. She breaks down facts for us, draws pictures for us, shares websites with us, and makes us feel truly cared for, even when we sometimes don’t really want to hear what she has to tell us. I have complete confidence in Dr. Murphy and her amazing staff. She expects no less from them than she does of herself and runs a top notch practice. I cannot imagine being cared for as completely as I am with any other practice. Thank you for being my doctor, Leslie Murphy, and for being my friend!