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| March, 29 2020 | for Debra A. Fast, DO

Dr Fast was my and my husbands doctor before she became MDVIP. She has always been a very hands on proactive doctor. We both have always been very impressed with her but since becoming a MDVIP doctor she now has the time and freedom to spend more time with patients than she was allowed to before and I know at times she wanted to and tried to but her hands were tied with insurance and regulations. We have strongly benefited from this and received plenty of one on one time and care with Dr Fast. We both suffer from some autoimmune problems and she is just always there. She is knowledgeable and calming, when need be she points us in the right direction to a good specialist that she knows will “fit” our needs. Just recently our daughter contracted Covid-19, Dr Fast gave advice for our daughter who is not her patient, as well as for us. We really love having her for a doctor and know that some of our issues being treated today would still be a mystery if not for her! Thank you Dr Fast