Thank you for all you've done over the past 25 years Dr, Stephen and Dr. Kelly Smaldore

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| March, 12 2020 | for Kellie B. Smaldore, DO

Dr, Kellie Smaldore and her husband Dr. Stephen Smaldore have been our primary physicians for over 25 years. We stayed with them when they went over to MDVIP because of the care and kindness they have showed over the years.

When I had my appendix surgery, I had called my primary Dr. Kellie and told her what was going on. She told me to go to the nearest hospital, and should would call them and let them know I was coming. She followed up with me after the surgery.

There was a time when I had to be away from home, because my father was very ill. My husband called me and said that he was so nervous and couldn't calm down. He said he called on the phone and they did not understand what he was saying. I called Dr. Steve about my husband and he called in an immediate prescription. Then he contacted me and my husband to let him know that he called in that prescription. He offered to go to the house if need be.

Both of our doctors Kellie and Steve have been very responsive to our phone calls or messages. They know both of our health issues, and also know about things that affect us.

There was a time when I had numbness in my arm, etc while at work. I called Dr. Kellie, she said come right in. Have someone bring you. She took me in right away, and determined that I needed to go to the hospital. She called ahead. My friend took me. I was there for a couple of days. She followed through with contacting me, and having me go for a brain scan prior to my appt with a neurologist. Both Dr. Steve and Dr. Kellie are very proactive.

I hope they never retire. They know all of the history for myself and my husband.
They are like family.