Thank you Dr Gassner!

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| March, 17 2020 | for Lawrence P. Gassner, MD

Dr Lawrence Gassner has been my PCP since fall of 2013 when we moved to Arizona. I left behind an ideal situation where my healthcare was provided within the same healthcare organization in which I worked. Since I retired and moved to another state, I didn’t think I could find anyone or any better provider system, but I did. I feel so blessed to have found him and he accepted me as his patient. Through the years I’ve had three cancer-related crisis’s to deal with and he has always been there to answer questions, and to ease my mind in moments of panic. But, when life has been normal and routine, he’s been like a good friend, someone I always enjoy seeing and conversing with. Sometimes though, I’m not always good about following through with lifestyle changes he’s recommended for better health, and I kid him about please not “firing” me as his patient. Dr Gassner’s glass is always half full and never half empty. He is respectful of me as a person and always listens and responds to my conversation. He always has a smile on his face and lots of jokes to share to keep this very serious health business in balance with the rest of life. I am appreciative of his warm and genuine concern for me as his patient. He takes time to immediately answer my medical questions. He looks them up on line if he can’t respond immediately, rather than telling me he’ll get back to me. Most recently I was diagnosed by my oncologist with what was to be a 4th diagnosis for a metastatic spread of cancer to the lung. I kept Dr Gassner informed through his office portal of my concerns, upcoming tests and their results. Although it wasn’t necessary, he responded within a day or two with words of encouragement and support, comments on physicians and the tests and results, basically validating to me that I was doing the right thing. During this event, I had one very bad incident as an outpatient which prevented me from receiving a procedure. After I got home, I contacted him and he immediately advised me what to do to prevent a reoccurrence; the next procedure went well with a good outcome. In all my years as a patient, I’ve never had such immediate and supportive care outside of routine office visits. I think the best thing about being my PCP is that Dr Gassner encourages my participation in my own health care plan. There is nothing I can’t overcome because he knows me and is there for me. We talk about what’s working and not working, and what needs to get done for the next 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year and he challenges me to really commit to any agreements, and advises me how to get started immediately. I hope Dr Gassner remains in practice for many years, and I am able to remain his patient. We will be moving soon to another part of town, but my plan is to continue my care through him for as long as I am able. Thank you Dr Gassner!