Thank you to Dr. Hall, Barbara, and Reneta

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| December, 26 2022 | for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

The team of Pamela, Barbara, and Reneta epitomize medical care at its very best. They are kind, generous, smart, and always welcoming. I feel like I've got the optimum mix of contemporary medical care and the old school, small town, attentiveness of a family doctor of yesteryear. I realize this is unusual these days, and I'm very grateful to have found them.
I will share this one moment. My husband brought me by the office for an emergency visit in early December. He was in the process of reading a book about southern food by a long-time friend and ended up engaging Barbara and the patients in the waiting room in a robust discussion about boiled peanuts--about which everyone had an opinion. So not only did I benefit from immediate attention to my problem, the experience was as warm and friendly as it could possibly be and speaks to the truly exceptional environment they've created.
I thank them all.