Thank you Dr. Jeffrey Meyers

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| March, 8 2024 | for Jeffery Meyers, MD, FACP
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Thank you for allowing me to share my appreciation for Dr. Jeffrey Meyers!

Dr. Meyers became my primary care physician a few years before the establishment of the MD-VIP program. I was already very pleased with him as my doctor, but I was intrigued by the concepts of the plan and initially, I had to think long and hard about whether this was something I wanted to become a member of. I am retired, and joining the plan would require my making some serious adjustments to my budget.

Well, wouldn't you know that it is Dr. Meyers who has made the plan work for me; the plan didn't make Dr. Meyers! He continued to make it easy to get an appointment, and he responds quickly to my messages and calls to the office. Every contact with him is personable, professional, and done with a great 'bedside manner.' I can proudly say that I think I made the right decision to join the plan and to continue having Dr. Meyers as my primary care physician.

With every visit, Dr. Meyers make me feel special! He is attentive and provides a wealth of information regarding my health and the aging process. He's patient and a great listener, answering and responding to all my many questions, even those that are not related to my health. However, he does not hesitate to regularly remind me of my need for a daily and weekly exercise regimen - something he has strongly encouraged me to implement.

Thank you, Dr. Meyers, for all you do! You are a consummate professional who has also shown kindness towards me as your patient. Please know that I appreciate you and the work you have done and continue to do while keeping me on the right path to wellness. Please know that your efforts are not in vain!