Thank you, Dr. Levitt!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Sandra Levitt, MD
Image provided by: Paula

I began my journey with Dr. Sandra Levitt in January 2017. I am a registered nurse and I was looking for a functional/integrative medicine physician to be my partner on my journey to optimal health and I found such a partner in Dr. Levitt. By conducting an excellent history and physical exam, she determined I was gluten intolerant. With changes to my diet, and the addition of appropriate supplements and bio-identical hormones, my health and vitality have vastly improved. At each visit, Dr. Levitt spends the amount of time I need to have my questions answered and to discuss other options and new treatments. She is like a trusted friend, who tells me the truth and treats me with dignity and respect. She provides the best in standard medical care but understands the importance emotional and mental health play and is open to alternative healing modalities such as meditation and Reiki. Thank you, Dr. Levitt, for walking the journey with me!