Thank you Dr. Mary Coan and Team!!

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| March, 20 2023 | for Mary L. Coan, MD, PhD, AAFP

My husband suffered with a SEVERE case of Lyme's Disease for two years. Dr. Coan started his treatment immediately. Looking at his symptoms, listening to his issues and condition, she had a good idea of what he was suffering from. She immediately got him on a treatment program and several different herbal supplements. She monitored his progress monthly and made changes to his treatment according to his symptoms.

If it wasn’t for Dr. Coan, I feel John would still be suffering from Lyme, because we hear of other Lyme cases where people still continue to suffer from Lyme and don’t have their quality of life back.

Not only has she helped him to recover from a debilitating illness, she has also helped him to improve his lifestyle with diet changes to reduce his cholesterol and to just have a better over all health.

As busy as she is she still finds time in her schedule to continue her education and expand her proactive healthcare practice. For example; she has recently started offering advanced ultrasound screening for the carotid arteries in the neck.

Her office team; Rene and Michelle are also AMAZING - they are caring, they listen, are very patient and work well with Dr. Coan.

Dr, Coan's style is not that of a pill pusher or just writing prescriptions to cover the symptoms with medication, instead she is looking for the root cause of the problems. Taking the time to listen and understand each patient’s problems and concerns, she truly cares about her patient’s health.

My husband and I are truly grateful for all she and her team have done for us.
Thank you, Dr. Coan, Rene and Michelle.