Thank You Dr. Royston

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| March, 21 2020 | for Norris Royston Jr., MD

Years ago, our baby girl had colic. It was very hard on Mom and Dad. Dr.Royston called and said he would like to come over and babysit so Mom and Dad could go to dinner and recharge. Amazing. This was almost 40 years ago. We still rely on Dr. Royston. And now, that baby girl is a mom with two children who also rely on Dr. Royston. Dr. Royston is not only highly talented and completely informed about current practice and knowledge, he is empathetic and committed to the health of his patients. He shares all he knows about new findings and research, further evidencing his insatiable curiosity about health science and the human condition. We are grateful and blessed in every way to have developed a relationship with Dr. Royston.