Thank you Dr. Sachs.

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| February, 20 2014 | for Bruce J. Sachs, MD

At my annual, I related some symptoms, including a severe headache, that my sister, in Cleveland, was experiencing to Dr. Sachs because I had experienced something similar although nowhere near as severe.
She had been to referred to her eye doctor. Had been to the emergency room twice as well as to her doctor who, at one point, raised her blood pressure medication. Had a CAT of her brain and sinus. She was also experiencing anxiety because she, was a nervous wreck not knowing what was wrong.
Nothing anyone did helped her.
Dr. Sachs said that I was Ok and suggested that my sister try some neck exercises because stress was probably causing the muscles to put pressure on the nerves. She went to her doctor and related this info. He felt her neck and could feel the muscles spasm. He put her on muscle relaxers.
Within a few days she felt much better. Since then, she has been telling everyone that my doctor in Calif. cured her.
She told me to tell Dr. Sachs that he is a Miracle Worker.
Thank you Dr. Sachs.