Thank you, thank you and many thanks for being our Doctor

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Estelle and Leo
| March, 15 2018 | for Raymond J. Matta, MD

Estelle and I have been not only privleged but blessed to have Ray Matta as our doctor for 40+ years. He is a most caring and concerned doctor. While he was in London on vacation or medical convention, he called his office to advise Leo to discontinue a medication in favor of a more beneficial medication. Dr. Mattas dedication to his patients cannot be matched.

While Estelle was being examined he did not like her cough. He immediately sent her to a specialist and after taking several tests, it was determined that she needed lung surgery for the removal of tumors, which were (thank God) were benign. We are grateful that he was able to this problem before it became worse.

Estelle and I consider Dr. Ray Matta as a good friend and more like family as we and our daughter and son-in-law are free to call him anytime.

Thank you, thank you and many thanks for being our Doctor, Freind and Family.

Estelle and Leo K.