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| January, 22 2024 | for Scott A. Hammer, MD, FAAFP

Cancer, one of the most scary words you can hear. When I first received that diagnosis, it was Dr. Hammer who held my hand reassuring me all will be okay. Dr. Hammer set aside a time for us to dissect, discuss and plot a course for my CLL.

We spent over an hour, uninterrupted, listening to my fears, reassuring me it will be okay, and dissecting this diagnosis. Dr. Hammer had done a great amount of research into CLL and my specific markers. Dr. Hammer has the remarkable ability to relate to you as a caring fellow supporting friend while still being the professional physician.

I left that appointment knowing I was in the best hands possible. Unlike most doctor appointments about serious health conditions, I did not leave feeling confused still needing to seek answers.

It was hard to choose just one story to write about. Dr. Hammer always goes that extra mile to ensure your best health. He has always been there for me no matter what issues I face, minor or serious. As a senior this is an enormous relief. The older you get the more you realize the importance of your health and having the perfect doctor in your corner. Dr. Hammer is that doctor!