Thankful to Dr. Sal Ciliberti

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| March, 11 2020 | for Salvatore A. Ciliberti, MD

While vacationing at a villa in Tuscany, I had a fall which resulted in 7 broken ribs. I was diagnosed at a small hospital in a nearby village. The doctors there insisted that I be admitted, and cautioned me about the dangers of flying home in my condition. Thankfully, I was able to reach Dr. Sal on his mobile phone, even though it was his day off, and he was at a race track with some colleagues. He was able to reassure me that I could indeed fly home safely. Within 2 days, I was in Dr. Sal's office receiving the follow up care that I needed. At a time when I was far away, in pain, and frightened, being able to talk to Dr. Sal made all the difference in the world to me.