Thanking My Lucky Stars That I Went To Kroger That Day!

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| March, 17 2020 | for Robert P. Zaino, MD

21 years ago when we had just moved to Gahanna, I ran into my third grade teacher at my new Kroger. Having just moved into this community I was in the process of choosing new doctors for my husband and myself, a dentist, pediatrician, etc. I swear, right beside the cottage cheese, this teacher began to rave about her doctor, how amazing and caring he was, his incredible attention to detail regarding her health, his wonderful family, and how I HAD to look into him for my family including my new baby and 3 year old son. 21 years later my whole family of 4 are still devoted to the incredible Dr. Robert Zaino. His attention to our family has been a gift of a lifetime for each one of us. From the time 14 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue followed by a near fatal complication from a kidney stone resulting in sepsis, to last year when I texted him on a Sunday morning worried about the mental state of a family member, Robert has been by our side. To me, a doctor that will leave church, call me back within 5 minutes and tell me to have my son come see him in his office (on a Sunday morning) is beyond expectations. Dr. Zaino has the complete trust of my 20 and 23 year old sons and they know that he has their backs. I trust Dr. Robert Zaino with my life as well as with the lives of my beloved husband and 2 sons and have countless other stories that I could share that demonstrate his devotion to his patients’ and my family’s health but I will leave it at this, when that MDVIP bill arrives in the mailbox, I thank my lucky stars as well as my third grade teacher, that we are privileged enough to be able to have continued on with Dr. Zaino when he decided to be a part of MDVIP. And Dr. Zaino, if you ever retire, we will never have dinner with you again at Rocky. (Just kidding)