There is NO ONE like DR LUMIAN!!

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| March, 10 2020 | for Daniel R. Lumian, MD

I have been a patient of my friend, Dr Dan Lumian for nearly 15 years. I also have the privilege of working with him professionally as an RN, at midtown surgical center in our pre-op area preparing his patients for surgery. There is a supercharged energy that happens
When I share with my patients that I, too, am a patient Of Dr Lumian. They get the the Biggest smile on their faces and immediately feel so much more at ease in knowing we share the commonality of sharing in what we know about being in such great care of an experienced and wonderful doctor in whom we
put our entire trust in! Dr Dan has this type of “fan club”that is lauded with many many praises and fondness !
These patients will spontaneously share with me stories of Dr taking care of their families in genuine and sensitive happiness and loyalty saying they would NEVER go to anyone else!! I respond with me saying how I wished we could clone a million more Dr Lumians and how much I admire him and wife Terry ,who is nurse and office manager and runs a tight ship! We share in the stories of how they have made such a major and meaningful impact on our lives.
Dr ALWAYS go the extra hundred miles to do all he can to see us through our entire process of care and follow up.
I pray for him and Terry daily and ask God to surround them with an Army of a thousand Angels.
Dr Lumian has impacted the world , Humanity. Denver, and my life and the lives of countless others in such positive way.
I hope you understand Dr Lumian, and know how much you have helped me and and how I love and respect you .
I Thank you for all you have ever done for me.