There was help when I had about given up!

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| March, 13 2020 | for Craig W. Kuebker, MD

I had almost given up of ever getting my very high blood pressure under control after five years of first being treated by my previous primary doctor, a cardiologist, a cardiology nurse and another cardiologist. My neighbor and friends had talked very highly of their doctor, Dr. Craig Kuebker, and suggested I see him. Right from my first meeting with Dr Kuebker, he tackled my high blood pressure. Even though I needed to be away for weeks at a time, I was able to keep in contact with Dr. Kuebker as we worked to lower my blood pressure. After Dr. Kuebker was able to lower my blood pressure, he felt I could benefit more from seeing a cardiologist. He recommended a very good cardiology group, which I have had excellent help from.
Thank you Dr. Kuebker, for helping me when I was beginning to think I would never get my blood pressure under control.