There When I Needed Him

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| March, 11 2020 | for Allen J. Hamaker, MD

Several months ago I developed what turned out to be an obstructed bowel. I finally called Doctor Hamaker after an agonizing night and because he knew me well enough to realize the problem was serious, he directed me to the Baptist ER and told me that he would make the arrangements. He did just that and by the time I got there everything was ready for me. He was not done helping me. The surgeon diagnosed the obstructed bowel and said that a conservative approach would have been to wait and see if it worked itself out but that he recommended immediate surgery because fluid was present. I asked Doctor Hamaker what he recommended and he said that he concurred that immediate surgery was in order. Doctor Hamaker usually opts for the conservative approach so his recommendation made my decision easy. I had laparoscopic surgery on Saturday morning and was out of the hospital by Sunday afternoon. It turned out that the bowel was almost necrotic and that a delay would likely have resulted in having to cut the dead part out. The upshot of this story is that Dr. Hamaker took good care of me and was there when I really needed him. Thank you Doctor Hamaker!