Thoroughly thorough and lovingly proactive

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| March, 12 2020 | for Adelia B. Brannen, MD

Adelia Brannen, I'm grateful for you! Not only do you read my chart, you know me, my children, my grandchildren, my world and you care. Not only do you care, you connect the dots in my life to give me the best proactive care imaginable! An example of this is the time I told you my daughter was getting married and you suggested I get a whopping cough vaccine. How smart! That initiative prepared me for Eliza, my granddaughter, who I visited 3 years ago today, the day she came into the world. I'm so grateful for you. Because I was and remain healthy I care for not only Eliza, but her baby brother too! Glory to God! My life is so full of joy...and yes diapers too.