Three generations of care and love for our family

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| March, 17 2020 | for Stephen E. Winston, MD

You may not be old enough to remember when doctors had hearts. There really was a time when doctors actually "cared" for their patients while caring for their patients. Nowadays, visiting a physician is often like a "drive-thru window" excursion. No drive-thru with you Dr. Winston. We "park" and go in to your office knowing that our care is the "special order" of your day. We are so blessed to be under your charge. We patients have confidence when you enter the treatment room. You bring your jovial good nature, whole heart and razor-sharp mind. That is an understatement. When the doctors and radiologist could not detect my mom's lung cancer she took her X-rays to you. This was after the radiologist reviewed them, signing off that there was no sign of anything. Immediately you spotted the tumor with your naked eye sighting a "faint shadow" behind her heart. You then returned her X-rays to the radiologist showing him the location of the growth. The oncologist told us that my mother would not have survived over a month had you not discovered the tumor. This event meant the difference between life and death to our family, but to you it was routine. Your evident concern, keen insight and vast knowledge are the signature attributes that we all have come to know and love. From a cold to cancer we feel safe and secure with you as our physician. From our 90 year mom to our grandson in college, you always shine for our three generations. YOU ARE THE "Care Bear" we all love and appreciate. Words fall short to express the respect, gratitude and affection our family has for you Dr. Winston. An old expression says it best: It is better felt than "telt"! We love you.