Tony Smith, Patient 02-21-24

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| February, 22 2024 | for Anjali Chanana, MD, FAARM

I want to share how fortunate I'm to have MDVIP, Dr. Chanana as my Doctor. A Doctor who cares as much as this Doctor does, I truly appreciate MDVIP, Dr. Chanana and for the following: True Story: Prior to scheduling an appointment with MDVIP, Dr. Chanana, I had abdominal pain. I was taking prescription/pills to fight the pain. I was told to get a colonoscopy, and I did. There were no issues with the colonoscopy, but I still had abdominal pain. Next was to schedule a CT Scan of the chest without contrast. There were no issues with the Scan, but I still had abdominal pain. I then made an appointment with MDVIP, Dr. Chanana. The Doctor reviewed my health history and I was told on the first appointment, start keeping a Food Diary. That was HUGE! The next day, I knew my abdominal problem and about 10 days later my abdominal pain was completely gone. With the Food Diary, I'm to keep a daily record of my blood pressure to be reviewed at my appointments. This Doctor, Dr. Chanana is committed to patients satisfaction, SHOWS! Dr. Chanana is an amazing Doctor and makes you feel that you are the most important patient. The entire team displayed a high level of professionalism has made my appointments enjoyable. Thank you for being such a caring Doctor.