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| March, 1 2020 | for Stephen G. Smaldore, DO

Approximately 25 years ago I moved from one end of the state to the other necessitating the search for a doctor closer to new area. My current physician at that time suggested the name of a young doctor in the new area. Dr. Steve Smaldore was that doctor and my husband and I have been seeing Dr. Steve ever since. We joined the MDVIP group and have enjoyed premier health care; i.e. Dr. Steve's patient listening, advising and leading us to enjoy, as much as we can, reaching 90 and 91 years of age. Having said that, we feel that Dr. Steve was meant to be "one who heals"...he always prescribes in a very optimistic manner. He deals well with the local pharmacy with whom we also have close ties. His staff, under his leadership, is super caring, polite and a pleasure to encounter on our scheduled appointments. We are comfortable to know that we can call on them as well as Dr. Steve at all time, should the need arise.