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| April, 20 2020 | for Kris Armstrong, MD

He is always available for you 24/7. I had a rare nerve disorder from having feet surgery. Dr. Armstrong for a total year never gave up on my case. He tried various medications, sent me to numerous specialists, had any test possible ran & would go a step further to read & receive information on the internet that might be of help to my case. He sent my stats to Mayo Clinic & then sent me to Cleveland clinic in Ohio twice for extensive testing. The clinic was able to diagnose my case which has no cure. They sent me then to a pain management specialist (which Dr Armstrong had suggested previously before going to the clinic but I did not want to go if there was a cure). As it turned out the only medications the pain management specialist recommended we’re the same medications Dr. Armstrong had originally started me on, which I told Dr. Armstrong they were not working & wanted to try something else. As it turned out I just needed higher doses of the medication. I can finally walk again without extreme pain. I can never thank my doctor enough for never giving up on me. When u have an appt he allows you all the time you need. Weather permitting he will do walks, biking, how to read your food labels & stresses good eating & exercise for any patient that will participate. He is truly a medical doctor (not a robot like most) & loves his profession. He has been my doctor for 24 years & I will never change. He is my savior.