A True Life-Saver

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| March, 10 2020 | for Michael R. Book, MD

Not very long ago my husband wasn't feeling well and was running a small fever. At about 10 pm his fever spiked to 105. Most doctors would be difficult to reach at that hour but not Dr. Michael Book. He answered my call to his cellphone immediately. After listening to our situation he urged me to get my husband to the hospital immediately. When I suggested we go the next morning he emphatically told me in no uncertain terms that NOW, not tomorrow, was imperative. I took his advice and we went to our local hospital, about 30 minutes away. Dr. Book had called ahead and we were immediately ushered into the ER where a team of nurses and doctors began administering intravenous fluids. About 2 hours later I was told he had been dangerously close to dying of sepsis and if we'd waited even an hour or two longer he most likely would not have survived. He spent a week in intensive care during which Dr. Book was in constant communication with us and with the attending physicians, tracking our progress and consulting with others based on his extensive knowledge of my husband's history. It was that knowledge, his availability at all hours, and his true caring for his patients that saved my husband's life. From there, his ongoing involvement with us has been a critical part of a long and difficult journey back to what I'm happy to report is now 100% health. It doesn't get much more important than that.