A True Professional!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Christine Blake Smith, DO

I was already a client of the practice when Dr. Blake Smith, Christine, purchased with her then partner, that was over 20 years ago! I had just experienced 10 surgeries during the 1990's through 2003 due to a blood disease I was born with. Needless to say, I became addicted to the pain medications afterwards. Even though I added serious challenges to this new relationship, Christine hung in there with me. As a result of Christine's natural empathy, compassion and non judgmental understanding, I remain a patient and look at my relationship with Christine and her staff as one of my most valued. These are people that have always been there for me, representing what ever documents that work required, maybe difficulties in treatment for a medical issue, they are ALWAYS there. Christine's nurse Tayra is just a plus to an already amazing individual, I just cannot find the words that can articulate how much I admire Christine and her staff. I had been sick this past Friday and because all the 1st care providers, Mercy and MMC said that "I was not citing life threatening symptoms, don't come in!" I understand that the Crononavirus has created mass concern but people will still need to be treated for non Crononavirus medical issues! I called Christine's office Monday at 7:30 AM leaving a VM and by 8:15 Tayra called, made sure that my symptoms were not too serious and then a few prescriptions were called in and I was taking the medications by 10:00 AM! This defines medicine and treatment of patients that is rarely experienced in 2020! I also know that if those medications did not work, Christine would have secured whatever was necessary to help me. I called Tuesday morning to leave a VM saying that no one needed to call but I feel 100 % better, THANK YOU!