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| March, 30 2020 | for David L. Elliott, MD

It's probably because of Dr. Elliott, that I am still around to isolate myself during this pandemic, and I'm sure he probably has an idea for how to cure this whole thing! I can now say that David Elliott has been my doctor for decades! My husband and I were seeing doctors at a local clinic, for our health care. Our prior doctor had retired and recommended the clinic. I was seeing a lady doctor, and my husband was seeing an older male physician. My doctor decided to be a stay-at-home mother for a while, and my husband's retired, so we had to make a choice of a different doctor. This was almost 30 years ago! David Elliott came with good recommendations, so we chose him, and the rest is history! Although I just had "run-of-the-mill" problems over the years, my husband had already begun to have numerous serious health problems. With each new problem that arose, David Elliott dove in to find the answer of cause and treatment. He helped my husband lose over 200 pounds, and saw him through heart problems, lung problems, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, and more ailments than I care to mention. If he couldn't take care of it with medicine, or lifestyle changes, he found someone that could! He would always call to check on us, day or night. I know that he gave me at least 20 more years with my husband, that I wouldn't have had if he had been under another doctor's care. We made it almost to our 60th anniversary, because of him. David Elliott, and his "Two Amigos", and all of the staff at Desert Ridge Medical are the epitome of what doctors should be. I can't imagine that there are too many doctors' office that people look forward to visiting! They are the very best!