Understanding family needs

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| January, 19 2024 | for Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD

Dr Shari Rosenbaum has been my Dr for many years now and I don't always listen to her advice to my own detriment. On a recent visit I explained to her a problem I was having with a family member, she put down her stethoscope and proceeded to tell me exactly how this person was feeling and the path they were taking from knowing the exact problem herself. The way she explained it was hard hitting but was the the truth that I chose to ignore. So a big thank you to Dr Rosenbaum for setting me straight and letting me get on with my life knowing the hard truth.
Her medical knowledge is superior to a lot of other physicians I have come across in my many years on this earth. Having her in my corner as my Dr during the later years of my life is so comforting. Thank you again Shari for being you 🥰