The uniqueness of time to care

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| March, 11 2020 | for David M. Abbey, MD, MS, FACP
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I have had an annual physical exam for over 50 years. I thought my doctors were thorough, but the degree of care for my personal well being varied until I met Dr. David Abbey. I have been blessed with "good health" for most of my 83 years, but in recent years I've experienced a number of maladies, mostly related to advancing age.

Until Dr. Abbey, I had only one doctor who did any follow up following my physical exams or a specific treatment need. Having been a management consultant for over 30 years, I learned the benefits to me, the consultant, and my client from regular contact versus sharing only the issues of a specific project.

Dr. Abbey and his staff are an outstanding MDVIP model of providing informed care based on having the time with patients to know their health status and continuing needs. I believe such relationships produce a rich professional life that is evident to patients like me.

Many people fear a doctor visit because he or she is perceived as a stranger dealing with uncertainty. I enjoy seeing Dr. Abbey and his nurses regarding matters of my health because I know that their knowledge and interest in me will provide the best medical care that I can imagine.