Vacation Rescue

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| March, 13 2020 | for Joseph DeRosa, MD

On a recent vacation to Bermuda I came down with a horrible sinus infection in the middle of our vacation. What was I going to do? Pay a lot out of pocket to see a doctor in a foreign country for a prescription? What to do- I emailed Dr. DeRosa a detailed message of my symptoms. At 7:00 in the morning on a Saturday I got his response: “Penicillin would be perfect!” “Find out if I can fax a Rx down to you”. “Ask your concierge if we can make this happen”! After two more emails and a visit to the concierge we had a plan. Dr. D. went down to his office and turned on his computer and emailed me a prescription while I stood in front of the pharmacist in Bermuda and boom I had a prescription! No visit to the urgent care, no out of pocket doctors fee, and no time wasted in a doctor’s office to see a doctor, who did not know me.
Thank you, Dr. D. for answering my email and taking three hours from your Saturday to help me. You made our vacation!