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| March, 9 2020 | for Patricia Estrada, MD, FAAFP
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I have profound respect for Dr. Estrada as a physician and a person. Dr. E is an amazing diagnostician. I have experienced some problems that have struck suddenly and left me perplexed. Dr. E establishes a trust relationship with her patients that allows them to accept her diagnosis and she provides a plan to resolve the medical issues in a positive fashion. My best example occurred while traveling in another state. I developed symptoms that I thought was a cold; however, the symptoms worsened. I reached the point where I was so sick that I couldn't drive. A friend drove me back to New Orleans and Dr. E saw me the day when I arrived as an "emergency walk-in". Somehow she managed to get the tests done that day and start the treatment I needed to recover from pneumonia. I had no idea what I had; I only knew that I had never had it before and it knocked me off my feet in a manner that I had never experienced. There is a deep comfort that comes with being able to rely on one's doctor in difficult circumstances to provide relief.

As an aging person, I am encountering more challenges to maintaining the active lifestyle that is important to me. Dr. E works with me to find solutions to chronic issues that affect me at this stage of my life. She is able to communicate intelligently when suggesting a direction that requires me to make a permanent change or adaptation. I am grateful that she is concerned about me and the quality of the life I lead. Dr. E has the ability to make all of her patients feel like she knows them, accepts them as individuals, and works with them to achieve the best outcome for them.