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| March, 11 2020 | for Edward B. Portnoy, MD
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I first came to see Dr. Edward Portnoy in the beginning of 2003. This was three years before he joined the MDVIP Network. Even back then, Dr. Portnoy took his time to listen to me and didn't rush me out. I was always being judged by other physicians because of a anxiety panic disorder I had as a teenager. A lot of my previous physicians and emergency physicians, never me took me serious when I told them I was having chest pains. I was always being told that I was hearing voices and it was causing me to have chest pains. Dr. Portnoy was the only physician who listened and didn't pass judgement on me. He did a EKG on me and explained to me that the EKG had some abnormalities on it and he was referring me to have a stress echocardiogram. After the results came in, he called me back into his office to go over the results. He took his time to explain how the heart worked, explained to me that my heart was not pumping blood to the body at the regular rate it should be. Which is one of the reasons why I experiencing chest pain. He immediately place me on medications for the heart and did a better job treating me for the viral cardiomyopathy than the cardiologists that I was seeing. Despite my condition, the cardiologist wanted me on Xanax. Even after being rushed to a the ER, and my tests coming back with my cardiac enzymes extremely over elevated. I was still being judge. Dr. Portnoy then sent me to the UCLA Cardiomyopathy Clinic. Where my diagnosis was fully confirmed by specialists. I was able to soon find a cardiologist up here who knew that I wasn't imaging all of this. I ve been with him since then. If it wasn't for Dr. Portnoy advocating me, I do not know how my condition would have turned out. Dr. Portnoy is one of the best physicians I have ever had. He has never given up on ne. I am so grateful and thankful to have Dr. Portnoy as my primary care physician.