The way doctors should be

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| February, 11 2024 | for J. Rick Adams, MD

I went to see Dr. Rick Adams after my neighbor recommended him. I had had a CAT scan to detect a bout of diverticulitis, and they found a mass on my liver. It was very scary and a bunch of tests, and thankfully it was just a fatty tumor (not cancer). And in being so upset with the medical system and the way it’s come to be with my primary care physician I was looking for alternatives. My primary care physician at my 2022 check up when I asked her about my thumb hurting said she couldn’t talk to me about it because I was only here for my annual check up and I would have to make another appointment for that. That was so disheartening. so in 2023 when I have the liver scare I sought out a new provider.

Dr. Rick Adams office was wonderful, the time he took to explain and answer all of my questions brought tears to my eyes. The fact that I could email him a few months after my regular appointment to ask a question and on a Sunday and he emailed me back was so reassuring And comforting.

Just knowing he’s in my corner, helps me feel better. His personality, his bedside manner, His knowledge his wanting to listen to his patients are all very commendable.

He really honestly loves what he does and that comes out when talking with him. I am glad he is my doctor.