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| March, 14 2020 | for Thomas G. Serio, MD

Dr. Serio has been our family doctor for 20 plus years. When he joined MDVIP, we followed him even though money was always tight for us. Any way starting about 8 years ago, I unfortunately started my path way to becoming legally blind. How did Dr. Serio help, you may ask. Well for one he was a counselor, and a person I could talk to about all the issues and tests. Mind you my wife and I went to many , many doctors to find out my condition. All the while I kept losing vision. I think it was 13 different doctors. Tests after tests, blood drawn so many times I thought I was a pin cushion. Every time the news was the same no diagnosis and no treatment to slow down the process. But every time he and his staff went way out of there way to find another specialist for us to go see. (No pun intended) Finally after 3 years they got me in to see Dr. Davis at Miami eye clinic. Not more than 5 minutes with her looking at me, she had a diagnosis. Rheumatoid arthritis of the Uveits. Wow, who ever heard of that right. To make this story shorter, I had to see a rheumatologist right away so I could get some kind of treament started. Dr. Serio was able to explain what was going on with my eyes that made sense to me. And again he and his staff did all the leg work. And on top of that, he filled out all the paper work for the very expensive treatments. I do have some very narrow vision left and I truly belive if was not for Dr. Serio and his staff , I would be completely dark. I can not thank him and his staff enough for the out pouring of compassion and concern. It is a tough thing to go thru this late in life. And Dr. Serio was there every step of my journey. Thank you so much Dr. Serio and Staff. You know who you are. Love ya. Thanks for reading.